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Power of The Mind in Health and Healing Course

"Enroll now in "Power of the Mind in Health and Healing"

This video is an overview of the six-part "Power of the Mind in Health and Healing," an online course I published on I teach how to hack into and master the power of your mind. Your mind creates your reality, and when you know how to work with all parts of your mind effectively, you can do some very powerful and amazing things, like heal your body or intuit something you could not have logically known. This course is designed to teach you those mind hacks, and in it, you will learn:

  • Simple techniques and processes for starting a mindfulness and meditation practice.

  • Easy mind-body techniques to quickly and effectively relax.

  • Easy mind-body techniques to easily and effectively turn off your stress response.

  • Simple mindfulness techniques to eat healthier.

  • How to maximize your present moment awareness to magnify creativity and manifesting. 

  • How to effectively change your perception so that you don't experience stress.

  • How to use heart-centered meditation techniques packed with the power of love to heal your body and mind literally.

  • How to use a heart-centered meditation to diffuse any negative emotion.

  • How to maximize your intuition through meditation and the science behind it.

  • How to use brainwave entrainment technology to deepen your meditative states.

  • How to uncover limiting beliefs stuck in your subconscious and use a specific guided meditation technique to remove them permanently. 

  • The effective use of core positive affirmations and how to bypass any mental blocks around them.

  • Basic Functional Medicine concepts for building a strong body and mind.

  • Functional Medicine nutritional support recommendations.

  • How the science behind the placebo effect proves your unlimited ability to heal yourself, and how to maximize this power in your everyday life.

  • How to activate your Inner Physician to trigger a biological cascade of events for self-healing.

  • How to tap into your Higher Mind (higher self) to always know the truth and become your own authority.

A powerful guided meditation is included in each module, which is available for download at no additional charge. For the more advanced guided meditations, I include an e-book in PDF format that walks you through the intention and the process in detail and includes a transcript of the meditation.

This is a master mind-hacking course that is broken up into bite-sized pieces to take at your own pace, though I recommend you take it over six weeks.

Empower yourself!

Dr. Keith Holden - Power of The Mind in Health and Healing Course
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