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About Dr. Holden

Dr. Keith Holden - About Dr. Holden

I am board Certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Functional Medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine. I have also trained in European Biological Medicine. My goal is to deliver best-in-class integrative healthcare education by staying abreast of the latest science-based evidence regarding innovative ways to promote health and well-being for all individuals on a global scale.

For several years, I consulted for the Social Security Administration's Disability Determination Services in Florida and Georgia. I garnered numerous awards regarding consulting, advising, and teaching in this field including "2002 Georgia Disability Adjudication Services Medical Consultant of the Year Award," "2001-2002 Georgia Disability Adjudication Services People’s Choice Trainer of the Year Award," and "2004 Florida Disability Determination Services Medical Consultant of the Year Award."

In practicing Functional Medicine and European Biological Medicine, I found that "hidden" contributors for systemic diseases include silent dental infections (especially old root canals), food sensitivities, microbial imbalances in the gut, micronutrient deficiencies, heavy metals (e.g. mercury), toxin overload, and methylation pathway defects (unable to form active B vitamins).

But far and away the most common contributors to systemic disease are poorly managed stress and old emotional toxins. These emotional toxins keep the body's autonomic nervous system (auto-pilot) in a "fight or flight" stress state, which lowers immunity and causes adrenal gland dysfunction and other hormone imbalances.

I have a special interest in energy based therapies that positively impact human physiology through the application of specific energy frequencies. I'm also passionate about mind-body medicine, which emphasizes the influence of the mind on emotional and physical health. 

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