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"Your mind is the most powerful thing in your control."

For centuries, man has sought to understand the mysterious link between the mind and body as it relates to health and healing. Can we really unlock the power of our minds to improve our health and heal? The answer is a resounding yes! 

In Power of the Mind in Health and Healing, Dr. Holden shares the latest advances in mind-body science that prove your mind’s ability to positively influence your health. He explains how to use mindfulness and meditation to turn on and off genes for optimal health and how to hack the psychology of the placebo effect for self-healing. He also outlines basic functional medicine concepts for improving your health and presents powerful techniques for working with your subconscious mind to remove emotional blocks that might prevent healing. 

The book contains access to six Guided Meditations, each with a specific goal that is described in the book. In addition, readers have access to free online wellness Bonus Materials.

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